Good News for Entrepreneurs:

Pandemics can have its Benefits.

Alright, so the rumor is that after many years of predicting the pandemic, the time actually arrived. If you’re a company that is not burning money and is a real business, the downturn will benefit you.

  • Refugees — Talented people whose dreams didn’t materialize will be looking for a real company to associate with.
  • Noise — I’ve been doing some back of the envelope analysis, and the # of absolute f’n idiots giving startup advice is up 273% vs. before the crisis. These people will go away.
  • Less competition — Entrepreneurial tourists will be gone, aka wantrepreneurs, aka people playing entrepreneur, aka idea to find-me-a-VC dreamers—so much less noise.
  • No more ball pits — Sanity will return, and you won’t need to feed the team Kobe beef while they lie in nap pods. (See related research from The Onion that working at work actually improves productivity).



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